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Drag. Drop. Done. Oracle Sales Cloud Reporting Made Easy.

Improving your Sales Process

Better conversion rates, faster sales cycles, more quotas met. Easy Insight is the affordable and intuitive solution for your sales reporting and dashboards.

Prebuilt Reports to Get You Started

As soon as you connect your Easy Insight account, you'll have a rich prebuilt dashboard including a variety of reports on the current status of your pipeline, historical point in time reporting on how much has been in the pipeline, and searchable tables to provide you with detailed opportunity information in a couple of clicks.


Embed your dashboards back into the Oracle Sales Cloud interface to ensure that your users don't have to deal with a separate system. Define data level security to ensure that different sales managers and reps can only see their appropriate subsets of data. Keep an eye on reports on your tablet or phone, or set up recurring email deliveries.

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