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Migrating from LOCATE?

Locate Inventory Dashboard

Migrate to other integration platforms in a matter of clicks, preserve your valuable LOCATE data, and create new reports across your old and new systems.


Migrate your data to the integration platform of your cohice with accuracy and ease with Easy Insight’s integration templates.


Don't lose your valuable LOCATE historical data--keep your entire LOCATE data set in an Easy Insight data warehouse.


Create reports that combine your data from LOCATE and your new inventory system to capture ongoing customer lifetime value, sales trends for forecasting, and supplier lead times.

LOCATE Inventory Trends


Migrating data is challenging. Easy Insight’s integration templates allow our users to confidently copy data out of LOCATE and into the inventory platform of your choice with complete accuracy. Easy Insight templates are built so you can easily adjust to match custom fields between LOCATE and your new inventory system, adjust costing methods for parts, parse out SKUs to populate sizing information and so much more!


Don't lose your valuable LOCATE historical data! Easy Insight keeps your LOCATE data around so that you can still look at customer, sales, and purchase history even after you transition to your new inventory platform.

Report Building
LOCATE Inventory Product Report


Easily take advantage of Easy Insight's business intelligence platform to create reports and dashboards that combine your LOCATE historical data with data from your new inventory platform. Look at lifetime customer value and track trends in supplier lead times. Click on a chart to seamlessly see detail data from both systems together.

Best of Class Customer Support

We take tremendous pride in our team's ability to get you the results you need. Our customer success team will go the extra mile to make sure you're able to get the reports and dashboards you need.

Report Building

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