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Locate Inventory Dashboard

Power up your LOCATE Inventory! Create custom reports and dashboards on your inventory data. Dive from high level charts into actionable information in a click.

Starting at $149 / month.


Create beautiful reports and dashboards. Visualize your inventory performance through charts, tables, maps, and more.


Track customers and orders through the entire lifecycle, through CRM, e-commerce, fulfillment, and accounting.

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Go from high level dashboards into tables of detailed reports in a click.

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LOCATE Inventory Reports Made Easy

Create beautiful interactive dashboards on your LOCATE Inventory data. Combine data with other systems such as CRMs, e-commerce, accounting, and other SaaS products to get a full view of the client.

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“The endless filters, groupings, and measures Easy Insight offers has provided us the flexibility to view our project data unlike we have before.”

Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
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Report Building

Create Custom Reports

Easy Insight's report builder pulls over your LOCATE Inventory orders, customers, parts, and more. Create the custom reports you need in a few clicks to get meaningful insights into your inventory data.

Best of Class Customer Support

We take tremendous pride in our team's ability to get you the results you need. Our customer success team will go the extra mile to make sure you're able to get the reports and dashboards you need.

LOCATE Inventory Product Report

Get the reports you need now!

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