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Power up your Hubspot! Create custom reports and dashboards on your Hubspot leads and deals. Create and update deals directly from reports.


Create beautiful sales reports and dashboards. Visualize your CRM through charts, tables, calendars, and more.


Create a single view of the customer by adding in accounting, support, project, and other data sources.

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Create and update leads and deals right from your reports. Drill from charts into detailed data right back to Hubspot.
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Hubspot Reports Made Easy

Use prebuilt reports to quickly get started. Customize reports to meet your specific CRM needs.

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“The endless filters, groupings, and measures Easy Insight offers has provided us the flexibility to view our project data unlike we have before.”

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Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Easy Insight is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
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Optimize your Sales Process

Build the Hubspot reports and dashboards you need to improve conversion rates, accelerate sales cycles, and meet your quotas. Chart your sales and map your leads. Merge in data from your other SaaS systems to get a full view of your business.

Two Way Reports to Improve Productivity

Improve sales productivity by quickly updating contacts, companies, and deals right from reports. Identify dirty data with reports, and fix the data right from the same reports.

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Get the reports you need now!

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