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Drag. Drop. Done. Asana Reporting Made Easy.
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Are your projects staying on schedule?

Easy Insight provides the tools to quickly perform reporting on your data from Asana. Create custom reports and charts across projects, milestones, to-do lists, and time tracking. Simply drag and drop to create and export the reports you want! Setting up recurring email delivery to provide updates to a wider team or exporting to Excel, PDF, and more is a breeze.

Pre-built Reports to Get You Started

Whether you're working with burndown charts, trees or a simple to-do list, our easy to modify, pre-built reports will help you get started quickly to meet your specific business needs. Our rich web interface is designed to make it simple to get the functionality you want from your Asana data.

Cross App Reporting

Incorporate Asana data with spreadsheets and other SaaS products to create a single dashboard of issues, hours, and deal activity by user across products. You can even create individual reports combining data across products!