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Drag. Drop. Done. Pivotal Tracker Reporting Made Easy.

How are my projects doing?

Top level KPIs give you insight at a glance into overall progress across all of your projects. Deliver slick executive dashboards to your management team. Get quick answers to the key questions: What type of work is left on the current iteration of each project? What sort of velocity are developers maintaining?

Burndown Charts

Easy to use burndown charts make sure your projects stay on target and on schedule. Resource charts help you to make sure you're assigning the right amount of work to the right people on your team. Drill into the actual story lists from your charts to find the actionable information behind the numbers. Which actual stories are left on those projects? And from these story lists, you can even jump right back to Pivotal Tracker for a seamless user experience.

Custom Reporting

Take the prebuilt reports and dashboards and modify them to meet your own needs. Need to add a certain field or filter? Want to build your own completely new reports? It's all easily doable through a business user friendly interface. Set up recurring email delivery of your reports so that you have the latest project status in your email inbox every morning.