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UI Improvements, Katana Dashboard Updates, Stacked Column Chart Tweaks

We've made some general interface updates, improved dashboard display on small screens, updated the Katana prebuilt dashboard to include inventory, added some new options for stacked column charts, and more!

General Interface Updates

Interface Updates
You can now try out a new, cleaner version of our interface. We're still making a few adjustments to the new version, but you should find that the report list page has changed significantly:
We've tried to simplify things down so that it's easier to quickly find what you're looking for. If you have any feedback on the changes, please let us know! You can toggle back and forth between the two versions by clicking on 'Try Updated Interface' on the Home page.

Dashboard Display on Small Screens

If you're using the Side Menu style of dashboard layout, you should find that dashboards now better take advantage of the available space when you're using a phone, tablet, or other small screen. The navigation is now moved to the top bar so that you have the rest of the screen for displaying your reports:
Mobile Dashboard Changes

Katana Prebuilt Dashboard Changes

We've our updated our prebuilt dashboard for Katana! We've added new reports around inventory levels and materials to help you understand stock levels, daily and monthly demand, and more.
Katana Inventory Dashboard

Stacked Column Chart Tweaks

We've added two new options to multiple measure stacked column charts. The first option, First Measure as Minimum, will use the first measure in the chart as a minimum on the stacked chart. The second option, Show Difference of Measures, will display the difference between measures instead of the raw value of each measure on the stacked chart.
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