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Auto Parsed Custom Fields

Easy Insight can now automatically detect custom fields that can be parsed out of your data!
Often, you'll have information embedded into a project or task name that represents something meaningful for reporting. For example, you might have a project name of:
Marketing - ABC Project
where that value before the dash represents the project department. Or you might have a task name of:
(5) Work on Website
Where that 5 in the parentheses represents the number of hours worked on the task. You can now automatically detect these values and add them to your data source for reporting just like any other field.
To get started, go to your data source. In the Getting Started actions, you'll see 'Look for Custom Fields' as an option:
Custom Field Start
The screen will walk you through any fields found for the various possible types of parsing. You can choose the field name and choose the field type as either a text value (a Grouping) or a numeric value (a Measure):
Custom Field Setup
Once done, your new fields will be available like any other for selection in the report editor. For more information, see https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/data_sources/parsed-custom-fields.html.
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