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Highrise, Hubspot, and Trello Two Way Edits

Want to quickly update data in your Highrise, Hubspot, or Trello connection? You can now set up two way connections to make changes right from your reports!
You can easily change tags on your Highrise contacts, update properties on your Hubspot deals, or update card names across multiple Trello boards, all directly from your Easy Insight reports.
Sample Two Way Tags
With this latest set of additional connections, we now support two way functionality for Basecamp, Highrise, Hubspot, Trello, Teamwork, Freshdesk, and Quickbase. For more information, see https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/two_way/two-way-connections.html.
Just like real time reporting, this functionality does have to be explicitly enabled for your account, as we're doing a gradual rollout just to keep an eye open for any possible issues, but just reach out to us at support'@'easy-insight.com and we'll be able to set you up!
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