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Real Time Reporting

For many of our connection types, you can now enable real time reporting instead of having to wait on a nightly refresh!
You can enable real time reporting for Basecamp 3, Teamwork, Freshdesk, Clickup, Quickbase, and Highrise. To enable real time reporting, click on 'Set Up Real Time Reports' in the Getting Started section of the data source:
Real Time Refresh Setup
You'll be prompted to choose a short term caching interval. The lowest interval currently allowed is five minutes. When you load a report or dashboard, it will quickly refresh the data if it's been longer than the specified interval before displaying the report.
We're working to add this functionality for further connections as well--we're working on Asana, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp 2, and Trello.
This functionality does have to be explicitly enabled for your account, as we're doing a gradual rollout just to keep an eye open for any possible issues, but just reach out to us at support'@'easy-insight.com and we'll be able to set you up!
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