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Tweaks and Changes for May

As we finish up our GDPR work, we've also found time to make some further improvements as well.
When you edit fields in the report editor, the edit is now through a movable window instead of a separate page. This change makes it easier to see your existing report data as you edit fields, as well as avoiding unnecessary lengthy report refreshes.
Edit Window Move
We've also got a long list of small changes:
  • Process dashboards do a better job of handling out of sequence steps and calculating duration from those out of sequence steps.
  • User source imports give you the option of refreshing from Dropbox.
  • You can now reorder your Top Reports and Dashboards.
  • There's a new option of "Fill In Zeroes" for column charts which allows you to automatically generate zero values for dates with no data.
  • Dashboard PDFs will use your PDF settings in all cases.
  • You can hide Form report fields with no data by toggling the "Hide if No Data" option.
  • We have much more coming in the next couple of months as well!
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