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Process Dashboards

Are you a design firm, tracking projects from kickoff through client approvals through launch? Do
you manage solar installations, from order through installation? Our new process dashboard in Easy Insight takes
advantage of common tasks or cards across your project management system and makes it
easy to visualize what's happening and what's happened, all in a couple of clicks.
This new functionality helps you track your company's performance across projects and boards with the help of an automatically generated dashboard. This initial release is focused around project management with support for Basecamp, Teamwork, Redbooth, Asana, and Trello, but we'll be extending it to support and sales in the coming weeks. To get started, click into your project management data source in Easy Insight, then click on "Create Process Dashboard" in the upper left.
Create Dashboard
Depending on the specific connection you're using, you'll be prompted to select a project or a board that you want to use to help auto discover a business process. If you have a particularly "typical" project in Basecamp, Teamwork, Redbooth, or Asana, one that best exemplifies your business, select it here. If you're reporting on Trello, select the board that you feel is most important. If there isn't really a project or board that fits, you can click on "I'm not sure" to just go ahead.
Process Setup
If you're using Teamwork, Basecamp, Asana, or Redbooth, auto generation of the process and dashboard will start as soon as you make a selection. If you're using Trello, you'll be prompted to choose an "end" to your process. Which list on the board you selected indicates that a card has been completed? Once you've made that selection, auto generation of the process and dashboard will start.
Once it finishes the auto generation, you'll be redirected to the new dashboard. This dashboard is divided into four main sections.
Process Setup
The first section, Process Overview, gives you visibility into the dates that each project or card has completed different steps of the process, with late dates highlighted in red.
Process Setup
The next section, What's Open, shows you what's happening now with charts and crosstabs to help you understand current resource allocation, capture currently late activity, and understand upcoming workload before any problems get too far along.
Process Setup
What's Been Completed helps you to understand how much has been completed and how long it's taken. You can see how many steps each assignee has completed, how long it's taken on average for each task or board column to be completed, what the on time % has been per todo, and how many projects or cards have been completed month over month. If you're using Trello, an additional two reports will give you the option to analyze the average time between two columns and the conversion rate between two columns.
Process Setup
Finally, What's Gone Wrong shows you who's been late on completing steps and the on time % by month. A chart of first overdue task or todo per project helps you to understand root cause analysis around late projects. A chart showing the number of times a task or card has been completed helps you to capture wasteful rework and improve performance.
Automatically generated drillthroughs are available on all of the reports, so clicking on anything will dive into the actionable data underlying the charts and summaries. All of the reports on this dashboard can be modified just like any other Easy Insight report, and the dashboard can be customized just like a normal Easy Insight dashboard.
For more information, including on how you can make further customizations, please look at the documentation at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/process/process_getting_started.html. We hope you enjoy this new functionality!
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