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Basecamp 3, Xero, Dashboard Distribution, and Updated Documentation

This month, we've got our integration to Basecamp 3, a beta connection to Xero, dashboard distribution, and updated documentation!
You can now connect Easy Insight to Basecamp 3! Right now, the integration includes fields for your Basecamps, todos, and comments.
If you use Xero and want to integrate Easy Insight to get better reporting on your financial data, we now have a beta connection available. Please contact us at support@easy-insight.com if you're interested and we'll get you set up with the connection.
We've added a new "Distribute Dashboard" option to your dashboard view. Click on Export -> Distribute to navigate into the new page. From here, the screen will help guide you through some of the options for easily sharing your dashboard across the rest of your team, from sharing by a per user URL to restricting what data each user can see.
Finally, we've begun the process of updating our documentation. You can access the new documentation by clicking Help inside of Easy Insight, or by going to https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/base. We'll be continuing to rapidly update this documentation over the coming weeks.
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