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Zendesk and Freshdesk fields, report types, month to month and week to week filters

We have a whole array of changes to talk about this time!

First, on the ticket reporting side, we've added new fields showing the # of times responsibility has passed to agent and to customer. You can use these fields to look for tickets which have been reopened too many times, or calculate average reopen rates. We've also added elapsed times as assigned to both agent and customer. These fields are available for Zendesk and Freshdesk, with their addition to HappyFox coming soon as well.

Next, we've added two new report types:
Multi Summary is designed to let you show line level information of one or more line types to some parent subject. For example, if you wanted to show all the open Todo items under a Project, all the Comments under a Ticket, or one or many other cases, this report is your solution! You can also add multiple child subjects, so you could have all the Deals under a Contact *and* all the Communications under a Contact.

Topo Map is our solution to all of your data mapping needs. You can fill in general state or province area data with shading based on a certain color, or you can build a heat map of points based on lat/long, or both!

We found that our previous text reports weren't usable enough, so we've tweaked those as well now--when you go to create a Text report in the report editor now, it'll allow you to craft the text in Wikitext markdown, surrounding any fields or scripting snippets you want in curly braces.

Finally, we've extended the Range date filter to also allow you to choose Month or Week as your interval. If you Edit the filter settings, you can choose how many intervals back and forward the filter should allow options for, as well as enabling rolling options.
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