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Account Settings

From the Account page, you can configure several account-level settings by clicking on the "Edit Account Settings" button.

Locale allows you to choose the locale used for formatting numbers, for example with 1,000,000.00 if US/America is selected and 1.000.000,00 if Spain is selected.

Date Formatting allows you to choose the default date format used across the application.

Fiscal Year Start Month allows you to choose the first month of your fiscal year, for use in rolling filters and calculations using fiscalyearstart/fiscalstartend.

Currency Symbol allows you to choose the default currency used in the application.

First Day of Week allows you to choose the first day of week used in reports. This setting is particularly useful for rolling date filters such as "Week to Date" or "This Week."

Default Max Rows for List Reports allows you to default limit list reports to only show a certain number of rows. If the value is 0, no limit is applied.

Send Email to New Users specifies the behavior used when you add a new user to your Easy Insight account. If the checkbox is selected, an email will automatically be sent to the user with his or her user name and an auto generated password. If the checkbox is not selected, you will receive a one-time use link that you can include in your own email to the user for him or her to use in order to log in. The user is required to set an initial password upon login if this option is not set.